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What Is The Difference Between Day And Night Serums?

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Day and night serums... There's more behind them than just different marketing.

Whether you're new to the idea of serums or you religiously use them without really knowing why, this article is going to give you some insights into best skincare practices and reveal some little known facts...

What is a day serum?

In the day time, the main thing that you need to be protecting your skin from is the sun. Even without direct sunlight or heat and even when you are indoors, your skin can still suffer damage from the sun. Along with sunscreen, a high quality serum forms a protective layer that keeps your skin hydrated. In winter, this also protects against the cold weather and wind that dulls and damages our.

Skin can also be more prone to puffiness in the mornings so it's important to use a serum that contains a high vitamin C concentration.

What is a night serum?

Throughout the day, our skin produces different amounts of sebum (oils) and, by the nighttime, the skin is at its least oily and, therefore, most dry. Nighttime serums should focus on repairing and resurfacing the skin through the stimulation of collagen production and should be more intensely moisturizing.

The Aisha Emily day and night serums offer all of this and more, treating acne and scarring and erasing blemishes as you get on with your day's activities...

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