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The Perfect Autumn Skincare Routine

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Whether you love or hate autumn, cooler nights, the crunch of leaves under your feet and dry, dehydrated skin are all parts of it that are inevitable.

If you're wondering, what's the best skincare routine for autumn? The short answer is that it needs to focus on replenishing the moisture that is lost in your skin from the colder weather and higher winds.

But is moisturiser alone enough of a solution? How should you balance this against other elements of your skincare routine?

In this article, we're going to take you through an easy, 3 step autumn skincare routine, that won't require you to go out and buy a load of products or to change your summer routine too drastically.

Autumn Skincare Routine

1. Exfoliate Weekly

Whilst there's really no need to exfoliate more than once a week, exfoliating weekly or biweekly will get rid of any dry skin that has already built up and get your blood circulating. This will go some way to restoring your skin's natural glow.

2. Use A Serum

If your skin still looks slightly grey or flat after this and you're looking for more of a glow,t he chances are your skin is dehydrated and not just dry. As well as drinking plenty of fluids, give your skin the boost it needs with a serum. Check our night and day serums which include all the ingredients your skin needs to glow year-round.

3. Moisturise!!!

No matter your skin type-whether it's on the oilier side or not- you need to be moisturising during autumn.The key is simply to pick a moisturiser that is intensely hydrating but not heavy on the skin. Check out our moisturiser here.

Bonus Tip:

If your skin does tend to be a bit oilier, you can also incorporate the occasional mask treatment or cleanser...But this is truly all you need for autumn.

What we've given here is a comprehensive list of autumn skincare solutions for all skin types!

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