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Ever wanted two “packed with purpose” skincare products in one pack.. Well let’s talk about Aisha Emily's Synergy. Since I’ve started blogging and I’m on my third pack of products from them. 

The serum is packed with retinol, 20% vitamin c (fabulously high concentration with little irritation), hyaluronic acid, green tea and lemon. The oil however is my favourite, as it contains chromabright . It also contains bio oil, vitamins A & E and frankincense. Now if you are are into your ingredients and a skincare geek like me, you will love these *two products as they are great for hydration (hyaluronic acid), anti-ageing (retinol) and hyperpigmentation. The brand uses all natural organic ingredients that are cruelty free (so contain no chemicals, sulphates or parabens).

I personally find that the products to last a long time and really user friendly. I’ve really enjoyed using these and had little irritation with them, however I have slowly incooperated the serum into my skincare routine and that is something I advise. The oil can be used every night and even twice daily (it’s so lovely 🥰), however incorporate the serum slowly into your regime as it has a few actives in it and you would find your skin loves it. It is lightweight, absorbs quickly into the skin and is suitable for all skin types.

If you haven't already tried it, your missing out!

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